Under the dome is haze, and under the roof is formaldehyde

Release time: 2015-03-31

On the last day of February 2015, Chai Jing, who had been silent for a year, came out with her work "Under the Dome". At that moment, the computer phone was brushed by this magnificent work, and the click and forwarding volume exceeded 100 million in just two days. For a while, environmental protection has become urgent and specific. We miss the starry night sky when we were children. Today's children are eager to chase and play under the blue sky and white clouds. All people breathe together and share a common destiny!


According to scientists' statistics, people spend about 70%~90% of their time indoors, and they are exposed to indoor air pollution more than outdoors. Indoor air is one of the most frequently and closely exposed external environments, especially for children. According to a survey data released by the Ministry of Health of China not long ago, more than 60% of our new leukemia patients are children under the age of 12 each year, and children aged 2 to 6 account for the vast majority of these 60% of leukemia patients.
At the same time, the latest research found that the deterioration of indoor air quality will lead to children's leukemia. The pollution of indoor decoration materials and furniture is the culprit of indoor air pollution in China. More than 90% of the newly added children with leukemia have recently decorated their homes.
Decoration pollution is as terrible as smog, but it is unavoidable in the process of decoration. Especially in the market with special national conditions like China, it becomes more difficult to avoid decoration pollution. Plywood for interior decoration, furniture made of artificial board, various types of decorative materials, and interior decorative textiles are the main sources of formaldehyde. Under the Dome has aroused people's attention to environmental protection, and indoor decoration pollution should also be paid attention to.
Suzhou Nage Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a formaldehyde gas sensor with independent intellectual property rights, aiming at the environmental pollution problem of excessive formaldehyde in domestic home decoration rooms. This sensor is based on a new nano gas sensing material, which can be very sensitive to detect formaldehyde content in air. In order to meet the needs of the people's livelihood, the company is committed to developing low-cost portable formaldehyde gas detectors. The products will soon meet consumers and contribute to the realization of environmental protection for all.
Under the dome, we walk with Chai Jing! We go with environmental protection!
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