Cui Zheng's scientific research team won the 10th Annual Innovation Nomination Award of the British Institute of Engineering Technology (IET)

Release time: 2015-03-11

On November 19, the 10th Annual Innovation Award Ceremony of the British Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) was held in London, England. This innovation award received more than 400 innovative technologies from 22 countries around the world and participated in 16 categories of awards. The "hybrid printing metal grid technology applied to touch screens" jointly declared by Cui Zheng, the research team of the Printing Electronics Center of Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the domestic leading touch screen enterprise OFIG Group, won the nomination award in the manufacturing category. Cui Zheng, director of the Printing and Electronics Center, attended the award ceremony.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (Institution of Engineering and Technology) is an engineering technology society organization with a long history in the UK and one of the largest engineering technology societies in the world. The Institute is formed by the combination of several engineering and technical societies such as the former British Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE) and the British Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IME). IET is also an international academic organization, with more than 160000 members worldwide, distributed in 127 countries, and a branch in Beijing, China. Since 2003, IET has annually selected innovative technologies and achievements in various fields of engineering technology around the world, and awarded the annual Innovation Award. This year is the 10th. The Manufacturing Innovation Award is the first award set up this year. This year's manufacturing award was finally won by the University of Hartsfield in the UK. The hybrid printed metal mesh transparent conductive film technology of Cui Zheng's scientific research team and oefl was nominated for the highly awarded award, becoming the first scientific research unit and enterprise in Chinese Mainland to be shortlisted since the award was established. This is also the second time Cui Zheng's scientific research team has won an international award since it won the International Printing and Electronics Progress Award in April this year. This award again shows that China's innovation has reached the international leading level, proving to the world that China's manufacturing industry is transforming from "Made in China" to "Created in China".